About Us

The Fair Exchange is a social enterprise to help build links, within in the local community and also the local community with local businesses.
The Fair Exchange was created when after taking early retirement I did not know what was out in the local area to get involved in.  I felt there must be other people in a similar situation and when I spoke to people they offered to help in the community with CV’s, basic upholstery, life coaching and NLP, researching your family tree and digital SLR for beginners.
The approach to local businesses saw the development of workshops such as Jewellery, Floristry, Will Writing, Pamper Events, Salsa for beginners and the Men’s Health Event raising awareness of male cancers.
Those providing the workshops and those attending the workshops and events have become members.  As the membership has grown the local businesses are offering discounts to members.
The Fair exchange members are offering workshops-  The researching your family history in exchange for learning how to improve their photography skills or a Creative Rag Rug workshop for donations to save the Children. Those wanting basic computer skills have been directed to the Rothwell Library as I was unable to find a community venue with internet access . The ebay  starters workshop was held in Brew Tea Room.
Links are building with the local community groups such as the ‘In bloom‘ Groups through Woodlesford and Oulton action group. Rothwell LinX developed with Skilled up Rothwell has linked with John O Gaunts Gardening Group, The Rothwell Baptists, The Methodist live at home scheme, The Cosy cafe and Time Out Rothwell and the wider community and TARA’s . The link with Royds School came through Educational Coaching and Oulton and Woodlesford Neighbourhood Forum.

The Fair Exchange facebook page and the development of a website now means I can continue to link members of The Fair Exchange and the local community with each other through activities and workshops, to services, advice and businesses.